Here at VerSATile Tutoring, we acknowledge the pressure that a student feels when he or she spend so much money on test prep but does not receive the score he or she wanted. We personally did not join any test prep company because we believe that concentration and dedication is all someone needs to receive a 1500 or a 34 on the SAT and ACT, respectively. We truly believe that as long as a student has the right guidance from his or her parents, counselors, and friends, he or she can meet and even surpass expectations, and to show our unflinching faith in self-studying with the right attitude, we do not charge a penny for our servicesWe are not teachers or test makers, but simply friends that provide guidance to anyone who seeks our help. A friend that offers advice goes a long way, and we can personally attest to that.

While we do not charge money, we will gladly accept any donations that come our way. If students are satisfied with the tutoring session, they can donate us money which we will then give to a well-known charity or animal shelter. Our monetary progress will be shown at the top of the website so our well-wishers and students can track our success.